Pandemic: The Cure

My favorite Pandemic game is Pandemic: The Cure. I love the theme in almost every Pandemic game, but in most Pandemic games is about solving a puzzle together.
Sure Pandemic: The Cure is a puzzle in some way but the gameplay always changes because of the dice!

Like almost every Pandemic game you have the find the cures for the diseases.
Pandemic: The Cure you have to do this with dice!
In this cooperative game you have to have luck and skills.
Every player get his or hers own character with it’s unique skill set.

Your turn has the following actions:

  1. Roll your dice.
    Don’t throw the biohazard result as it moves the biohazard track forward which can cause a epidemic!
    – Cure a disease with the Treat symbol.
    – Get a sample with the Collect Sample symbol, these are needed to get the cure.
    – Boat and or a plane to move around the board.
  2. Give samples to a other player
  3. Try to find a cure, with all collected sample dice you must throw a 13+ result for the cure.

After this you must infect the world with new disease dice.
Throw the dice and place the dice on the number they landed on, so if you roll a 6 place the dice on the board with a 6.

If there are already 3 of the same dice on that board the 4th dice would cause a outbreak,
To many outbreaks and you are  out!

Did you like Pandemic? Do you like dice games?
Get this game!