Boardgame table

Just received my own boardgame table!

When I started with the boardgame hobby I noticed that some video’s of the DiceTower had a nice playing table.

Geek Chic

At the time it was a GeekChic table.

So it took me about 4 more video’s about boardgames and playing tables to want me one of these playing tables!
A quick search provided me information about the costs and delivery times.
Wow… very expensive and serious delivery times.

Another issue was it wouldn’t be shipped to the Netherlands or way to expensive to import it. So I started to continue the search for a boardgame table alike.

Geek Chic, RathskellersGEEKNSON and some others all have great tables.
After a while I contacted a guy has his own business in handcrafted furniture.
We made a deal and my own boardgame table is going to happen!

After making a design the table has been built and ready to be delivered…

The table is set for action!
Thanks Werner (that guy)!

If you also want a boardgame table and you are located in the Netherlands visit