Cosmic Encounter

Some games are beeing played more than others… Cosmic Encounter is one of the few lucky games that get on the table more than other board games. So does this mean that this game is great?

Short answer: it sure is a good game!

It’s a game about bluffing and having amazing super powers!

Every player get’s his or hers own alien.
Your alien has a super power and you can keep you alien hidden until you think it’s time to reveal these powers!

The goal is to get 5 points and you can achieve this by colonizing 5 planets that are not yours. Every player starts with 5 home planets with 4 of his or hers ships on it.

In your turn you flip a card from the Destiny deck. This card determine the player you are going to attack! Random? Sure!
Next you are going to choose a home planet of this player your are going to attack.
After this step you can choose how many ships you going to use for this attack (1 till 4 ships). But be careful you need to get those ships from your own colonies!

Now it’s time to get some allies to back your attack. They can help you with up to 4 ships each. Just remember, if you win this attack they also get colonizations on that planet!
After you have asked for allies it is time for the defender to ask for allies.

Time to play a facedown card for the attacker and the defender.
Theses cards can be numbers that adds up the total of ships. Normally the highest number wins the attack, but there are some sneaky superpowers to prove you wrong!
But those cards also can be negotiate cards, if both players played this card you can figure something out and the allied players get nothing!

It is a easy to pick up this game and it has some great bluffing a random elements.
Try it yourself!



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