Kickstarter: Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

Jasco Games announced this game a year ago. Remember Mega Man: The Board Game?
Not the succes story people hoped for. But this time Jasco Games got some help.
Help from Angry Joe a well known YouTuber that has pasion for boardgames.
Looks like he saved this game!

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game looks gorgeous with large painted miniatures and 3D terrain! The base comes with 6 characters to play with.

In this game you are going to fight each other (doh!). You will move around the board and play cards from your hand to knock down your enemies.

Every character has of his/hers own deck of 40 cards to play with.
You are able to get new cards, move and attack in your turn.
Below a YouTube video that explains the game.

The game involves a personal deck of cards, dice to defend and attack but also bluffing is part of it!

Interested in Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game?

Check out BoardGameGeek and keep an eye on Kickstarter.
The Kickstarter campain will start the 4th of April 2018.

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