My favorite Pandemic game is Pandemic: The Cure. I love the theme in almost every Pandemic game, but in most Pandemic games is about solving a puzzle together. Sure Pandemic: The Cure is a puzzle in some way but the gameplay always changes because of the dice! Like almost every Pandemic game you have the […]

Some games are beeing played more than others… Cosmic Encounter is one of the few lucky games that get on the table more than other board games. So does this mean that this game is great? Short answer: it sure is a good game! It’s a game about bluffing and having amazing super powers! Every […]

Last night we played The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch for the first time. A Kickstarter game by CMON in a beautifull steampunk world.   It’s a many versus 1 game. Semi-cooperative better explained as a game with a dungeon crawler with “overlord”. In Rise of Moloch the overlord is called the NEMESIS. As […]

Jasco Games announced this game a year ago. Remember Mega Man: The Board Game? Not the succes story people hoped for. But this time Jasco Games got some help. Help from Angry Joe a well known YouTuber that has pasion for boardgames. Looks like he saved this game! Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game looks gorgeous with large […]

My dad received his Kickstarter edition of Sword & Sorcery a few months ago. He decided to Kickstarter this game because of the predecessor called Galaxy Defenders. Galaxy Defenders is a game we played a lot and enjoyed 🙂 So we started it playing it in our gaming group. The game has a large story […]

Just received my own boardgame table! When I started with the boardgame hobby I noticed that some video’s of the DiceTower had a nice playing table. At the time it was a GeekChic table. So it took me about 4 more video’s about boardgames and playing tables to want me one of these playing tables! […]